From a young age, Mamta has boldly lent her voice to people who can't speak up for themselves. In the last few years, she has elevated awareness about important social issues that receive little-to-no media attention...but deserve it. 

Birth Of A Book

In January 2017, Mamta published A Girl In Traffick, a harrowing and emotional thriller about organ trafficking. She first learned about this issue while earning an MBA at the University of Southern California. She went on to work for a large dialysis provider, where she interacted regularly with patients in desperate need for life-saving kidney transplants. She combined her education and professional experience with her ethnic Indian background, and poured it all into her debut novel. A Girl In Traffick is now available on Amazon. 

"Mamta wants her books to be like the movie 'The Blood Diamond'. Her books are based-on-truth stories that affect change because they are too compelling not to."

Chocolate Anyone?

 Caribeans cocoa farm, Costa Rica

Caribeans cocoa farm, Costa Rica

What started as a child-like love for chocolate, MJ’s cocoa passion grew from a hobby to a chocolate business, and soon to a forthcoming novel. MJ doesn’t remember when she first learned about the child slave problem associated with chocolate. But In 2014, MJ and her husband visited fair trade cocoa farms in Costa Rica. That’s when MJs interest took off. Upon her return to California, she launched Majavii Chocolate – a chocolate-bar company that sourced fair trade ingredients. MJ made dark chocolate bars infused with flavors such as chai masala, peppermint, and cayenne in her one-bedroom apartment. As she wrapped up writing A Girl In Traffick, she decided fair trade chocolate as the topic for her second novel.


New Book, New Business, New Mom

MJ lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Steve, and their daughter. She became an author, a business owner, and a mom at the same time. Like many of us, she is always on the go. We're all busy, but it's not difficult to still be good to each other and good to the planet. Mamta makes it easy, affordable, and makes you feel good about your contributions, whatever they might be.