Trick Or Fairtrade Treat?

As you put the finishing touches on your costume, you might also be scrambling to purchase Halloween treats.

Some of you know that I have spent the last 5 years researching ethical and fairtrade chocolate. My second novel is going to be about that topic! (Don’t hold your breath though, I’ve only written 10 pages.)

Did you know that fairtrade chocolate comes in Halloween fun sizes! But IMHO they are too expensive. One of my favorite fairtrade chocolate-makers, Equal Exchange makes these milk chocolate mini bars. They are delicious, and the packaging is beautiful. But…one box of 150 pieces costs $44! At Target, I bought the same number of pretzel packs (with pretzels that come in pumpkin and bat shapes) for $20. Last year, I gave out fun size fairtrade chocolate bars from one of my local favorites, ChocXO. Do you know what happened? The neighborhood kids groaned because they didn’t recognize it. One kid even said “no, thank you!”

Before you get upset, the kids in my neighborhood are sweet. They’re not ungrateful jerks…they’re just kids who want to a bunch of junk on Halloween. They want fun, not fancy.

I haven’t found a faitrade chocolate Halloween candy that justifies the cost. So instead, I recommend that you consider other Halloween snacks. Besides pretzels, there’s popcorn, raisins, and non-chocolate candies such as Smarties.

But there are lots of non-food options, too. Such as these.

If you’re bent on giving out chocolate to your trick-or-treaters, then I encourage you to try these fairtrade options. The article refers to them as “affordable.” To each his own.

I opted for pretzels and popcorn. My husband said we'll be the “lame” house because we’re not giving out candy. At first, I pretended to be fine with that. But then, I decided to make cute goodie bags to lessen our “lame” stigma. Who knows if that will help, but I’m going to try. I found Halloween goodie bags at the dollar store, and used white ribbon that I already had at home to tie them. I made the bags while watching a rerun of The West Wing on Netflix. The one when Zoey Bartlet is kidnapped. If you’ve seen it, watch it again, and this time pay particular attention to the soundtrack. It’s on point.

Happy (ethical) Halloween!

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