What To Put In A Press Kit

Here are my top 13 recommendations for your press kit content. Don’t be intimidated! You probably have most of these things…just not in one place…yet! If you don’t have them, it’s worth setting aside time to get them. I know it’s a pain, but it’s important. Besides, most of the content won’t be updated too often. It’s mostly low maintenance stuff. The media page on my site is a great reference. Look at others, too. See what you like and what you don’t. Keep in mind that the users are journalists, bloggers, podcast hosts, Youtubers, and anyone else whom you want media coverage from. 

Press kits are important for a few reasons. First, they let you control and share your public message. Second, journalist, bloggers, etc need press kits in order to write about your business. Remember that many of them are working on deadline, and often at all times of day and night. Let journalists learn about you without having to speak with you. If they do need to connect, they will reach out. Finally, press kits give your company cache, polish, and professionalism. 

The first 3 items on the list are the bare minimum of any press kit. That’s a good place to start:

1.    Hi-Resolution Logo and Images - Images of your product or service that are downloadable and optimized for print and web are ideal. 

2.    Your Story - What is your “why?”  

3.    Press release(s) - All current and past press releases

4.    Company Facts - Such as your start date, number of clients, key accomplishments.

5.    Your team - Share how your employees joined your team along with a brief bio. 

6.    Samples of past media coverage - Add the logo of the media outlet that covered you. Only include the best media coverage you’ve received. Include links to podcasts, radio, tv, or other clips where you were featured. It’s okay if you don’t have any previous press coverage, but if you do, share it!

7.    Awards and recognitions - Add logos for any awards or prestigious organizations that have recognized you. It’s okay if you don’t have these, but if you do, share them!

8.    FAQs - Save journalists and influencers time by answering the most common questions.

9.    Prepared Interview and/or Canned Quotes - Again, to make life easier for reporters, give them everything they need to write about you without having to speak to you. If you’re skeptical, consider this scenario. A blogger is on deadline and her post fell through last minute. She has 30 minutes to submit a story. You could be the story! The reporter can get everything she needs from your website. You are in control of the press kit contents that you post on your website, so you’re in control of the message, even if you don’t speak to a journalist.

10.  Social Media Stats – in addition to links to your accounts, if you have impressive social stats, share them for each account. Include quantitative and qualitative metrics. Quantitative metrics such as the number of followers, subscribers, group members, etc. Share your engagement here, too. Qualitative metrics are customer comments, reviews, and testimonials.

11.  Non-profits or Volunteerism that your company is associated with. 

12.  Optional - A separate media contact email such as press@yourcompany.com

13.  Physical Press Kit - press kits are mostly shared electronically. But If you’re sending a physical press kit, include print outs of all of the above as well as a thumb drive with all of the same documents. Be sure to include samples of your product (if applicable) and add some flare without being too over the top. Nice packaging, wrapping, etc can go a long way in presenting your company. Make sure the physical package matches your company’s look, feel, and brand.  

Where Do I Save My Press Kit? 

Now that you have your press kit contents, where do you save them? Create a “Media” or “Press” page on your website and house them there. Check out my Media Page here.  I put all of my contents in a zip file, imbedded the files onto my site, and added a link that opens in a separate window. The instructions for how to do this will vary depending on your site host. Squarespace instructions to imbed files on your site.

Need More Help?

Contact MJV Communicationsif you need assistance creating your press kit. We can help write and edit your press release, your story, your FAQs, and more.  

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