5 stars on Amazon

5 stars on Amazon

Powerful insight into the black market world of organ trafficking. A tremendous read.
The multifaceted writing transports you into the lives affected through the eyes of various characters. A definite must-read for anyone championing to make the world a better place and exposing the horrifying truths of organ trafficking.
Great for book clubs!
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Coming Soon

A thrilling, entertaining, and educational novel that will delight every taste bud!

This new novel navigates the complex web of cocoa beans, the primary ingredient in chocolate, from farmers who grow it to consumers, like you. The story shares the plight of enslaved children who are forced to work on cocoa farms, most of whom, have never tasted chocolate.


MJ needs your help!

If you or anyone you know works in chocolate—inside or outside of Africa—MJ wants to connect with you! She is knee-deep in research and wants to talk to all the experts that she can. Please email MJ with any information.