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Social Justice Author & Speaker

In her books and talks, MJ makes it easy for everyday people to be more socially conscious. She is not preachy, and she is not perfect. She brings heart & humility to real human & environmental issues.  

Let's Be Social

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About MJ


MJ left her corporate healthcare job to write about important social justice issues. She is drawn to topics that don’t get much press coverage, if any. Often called a “truth teller,” MJ’s work is rooted in solid original research. She writes nonfiction & impactful fiction thrillers that simultaneously entertain and influence society. 

Raised in an immigrant entrepreneurial family, MJ has always been attracted to the American dream. She loves the ever-growing public interest in the collective social good.

About the Book


How far would you go to survive?

When tragedy strikes, an Indian girl must learn to survive on her own. Across the world and unknowingly linked to her, an American man fights for his life.

Haunting, powerful, and hard to put down.
5 stars on Amazon

5 stars on Amazon


Hire MJ to Speak


MJ brings expert story-telling to organizations and companies, big and small. She talks candidly about social justice issues, and her entrepreneurial journey.

Most requested topics:

  • You Don't Have To Be A Tree Hugger To Care For The Planet
  • Ethical Chocolate: What To Look For & Where To Find It
  • Fact vs. Fiction: How Fiction About Real Issues Influences Public Opinion